Updates in Orthodontics

Orthodontics in Columbia

Orthodontics has been around longer than many people may realize.  In the 1880’s it was deemed as a science.  The first college was founded by Edward H. Angle in St. Louis.  The science of orthodontics continues to evolve even today.


Here is more from a Columbia Daily Tribune:

“Orthodontics was first recognized as a science in the 1880s. Edward H. Angle, widely recognized as the father of modern orthodontics, opened the first college in St. Louis. And, although many think I was in the first graduating class, I received my degree in 1961.

“I had every intention of returning to Iowa to practice, but the orthodontist I was to associate with died suddenly early in my post-graduate training. So instead I associated with Bill Brandhorst, a full-time professor who also had a practice in Clayton.

“In January 1964, I moved to Columbia and became partners with Sydney Jaynes. At that time, Syd and I were the only orthodontists in Mid-Missouri. Joe Engleman started his practice a year later across town in Doctor’s Park. Continue reading…

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Man Sues Orthodontist

A man is suing his orthodontist for leaving his braces on for 11 years.  The 22-year-old claims that he has suffered tooth and gum damage and now requires treatment.  He is suing for 200,000.  He had his braces put on when he was 7-years-old.

youtube video

Here is more from a NY Daily News:

Chvatal said the case was more complicated than it seemed and that he gave Bost the best care he could, according to the newspaper.

Braces alone wouldn’t harm someone’s teeth, but they make the teeth much harder to clean and could hasten decay if the wearer isn’t vigilant about keeping his kisser clean, experts said.

“If you don’t have the best hygiene, you run the risk of decalcification of the teeth,” Dr. John F. Buzzatto, president of the American Association of Orthodontists, told ABC News. Continue reading…

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Thieves hit two Long Beach bike shops

Are vehicle thefts going down? It seems that more and more bike shops are being robbed. Two separate bike shops were robbed in a matter of days. The thieves casually walked out of the store and rode the bikes away.

Bicycle thieves stole four bikes from local stores in two separate incidents last week, police said.

Long Beach Police Department officials don’t know if the incidents are related, spokeswoman Lisa Massacani said Monday.

The most recent crime was a theft Thursday afternoon at Jones Bicycles and Skateboards, 5332 E. 2 nd St. in Belmont Shore, where thieves stole two bicycles, Massacani said.

Store Manager Steven Davis said one suspect stole a road bike valued at $4,600, and another suspect stole a BMX valued at $525. A third suspect distracted store employees while the two suspects, at different times, casually walked out the door with the bikes…Continue Reading

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Many have also noticed that with colon cleansing they have an improvement of their mental outlook as well as improvement with their immune systems. These are both great aspects that anyone would find more beneficial. Those who have a better immune system are going to find that they do not get as sick as often as those who have an immune system that is not so good.

There are a number of other benefits that you will notice from cleansing your colon regularly as well. Some of these benefits are clearer skin, improvement with constipation, an increase in your energy levels, better mineral and vitamin absorption, and feeling more healthy over all.

One should know that the process of cleansing the colon does not have to be expensive. There are many different methods that you can use that will actually not cost you that much money. This means that it is more easy now than ever before to cleanse your colon and benefit from all the different advantages that it brings along.

So now that it is clear that you can benefit from colon cleansing you are probably wondering how you can go about finding the right colon cleansing product for you. There are a number of different ways that you can look for colon cleansing products. You will likely be able to talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find out which products they recommend that you use. However, one of the easiest ways you can go about finding a colon cleansing product is to look online.

Looking online for different products will allow you to see what products others recommend. You will also be able to find products that will be best suitable for you. For example some people prefer to use only products that are all natural while others are open to any method that is going to get the job done. You will be able to use the internet to compare all the different products that are out there as well as their pricing and the ingredients that are used to make the products.

Once you have found a product you should know that to get the best results from cleansing your colon you really need to have this done at least once a year. Since people feel better when they have cleansed some will cleanse on a more regular basis. You don’t want to over do this but you can do it quite often to help you with feeling more healthy.

All these reasons are reasons that you should consider cleansing your colon. After all everyone wants to feel better and this is most certainly one of the ways to accomplish this. It is a process that does not take a long time but the benefits that you get from this will last a very long time.

Once people have cleansed once and experienced the improved health uses of moroccan oil they are more likely to continue to cleanse. It is a subject that not everyone wants to talk about as it can be a bit embarrassing but it certainly an issue that needs to be addressed. Remember you won’t have to spend a great deal of money to be able to cleanse your colon and it won’t take you too much time to find a product that is right for you. Now that you know that colon cleansing is not a scam all that is left is to find a great product so that you too can begin to feel better and experience all the added benefits that others have already experienced.

Bankruptcy for San Bernardino: Will it lead to charter changes?

The city of San Bernardino is getting closer to filing for bankruptcy.  The city’s financial issues bring to light the question of the City Charter: is it necessary or need updating?  And do they need to reconsider the salaries of firefighters and police officers.  Here is more from The Sun:

SAN BERNARDINO – The city’s pending bankruptcy has revived talk of major changes for the City Charter for the third time since 2000.

As the city moves closer to a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing, an immediate focus of debate is whether a charter provision setting a formula for police officers’ and firefighters’ salaries makes financial sense.

But if talk of charter reform builds into a major issue alongside bankruptcy proceedings, any future arguments over San Bernardino’s governing document are likely to lead to questions that go deeper than how city managers negotiate contracts with employees:  Continue reading…

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Trust Funds: Protect your Assets against Divorce?

When planning your wedding many lovebirds don’t think about the best ways to protect their assets in a divorce because they are happy and in love, but it’s best to consider protecting yourself.  What is the best way to protect your money or business?  In some cases it could be best to set up a trust prior to getting married.  Here is more from a Forbes affiliate:

As financial portfolios become more and more complex, financial trusts are becoming increasingly common. Why? Because trusts can be shaped to serve a variety of different purposes, and they can be drafted in a variety of different ways. These days, trusts are routinely used as tools for gifting, asset management, tax shelter and protection from creditors. They can be established while those involved are living, or they can be included in a will, to be established after death.

But, what role do trusts play in divorce?

Potentially a very big one, depending on your individual circumstances. Let me explain by discussing a few fundamental elements about trusts you need to know:

Assets placed in a trust established before marriage are typically treated as separate property. Continue reading…

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Well known psychologist for research on divorce, Judith Wallerstein, dies

The 90 year-old psychologist Judith Wallerstein passed away after undergoing surgery.  She is well known for her controversial study of the effects of divorce on children.  In 1971 she began a study following 131 children of divorce.  She would meet with the children every five years over a 25 year period.  Here is more from a Washington Post affiliate:

In 1970, preschool teachers asked Marin County, Calif., psychologist Judith Wallerstein how to deal with a rash of children who couldn’t sleep, cried constantly or were too aggressive with playmates. The common denominator, the teachers said, was that the parents were divorcing.

Dr. Wallerstein looked for research on the issue and, finding nothing useful, decided to conduct her own. She launched what would become a 25-year investigation, producing alarming findings that made her, a long-married grandmother of five, a polarizing figure in a contentious national debate.

Once described by Time magazine as the “godmother of the backlash against divorce,” Dr. Wallerstein died June 18 in the Bay Area city of Piedmont, Calif., after surgery for an intestinal blockage, said her daughter Amy Wallerstein Friedman. She was 90. Continue reading…

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Rats Reported in Hospital

A hospital in Scotland has a rodent problem.  Disgusted patients and visitors are outraged.  A hospital, they say, is where you go to be cured, not infected.  Read more from a local news affiliate:

Pest controllers were called in after patients and visitors reported seeing rats at a Glasgow hospital.

The vermin, which can get more information about raspberry ketone reviews spread salmonella and carry potentially fatal Weil’s disease, were spotted near the A&E department of the Victoria Infirmary on the city’s south side.

One visitor, a 46-year-old woman from Kirkintilloch, said: “It’s revolting. It’s like something from Victorian times, not something you would expect at a modern hospital.

“There’s a lot of attention paid to stopping infections in wards but it all seems a bit ridiculous when you’ve got rats are roaming around outside.  Continue Reading

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Storm Takes Pieces of Apartment Complex Roof

A severe thunderstorm is responsible for several apartment-dwellers now being homeless.  The storm produced strong winds that ripped part of the roof off of an apartment complex.  The roof pieces landed on some cars parked nearby. The American Red Cross has been called to help the displaced residents.  Read more from the local news:

Several Merrillville residents are without homes after severe weather stripped part of the roof from an apartment building Thursday.

Officials called the American Red Cross to help the residents who live in one of the buildings in the Hickory Ridge Lake Apartments complex, 1718 W. 55th Ave.

Portions of the roof landed on vehicles parked on 57th Avenue near Hayes Street. Merrillville Fire Marshal Phil Topor said the building and another apartment building were evacuated following the brief storm. The second building was evacuated as safety precaution.

The number of people living in the units wasn’t immediately available.

Topor said there were no injuries reported.  Continue Reading

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Woman in Custody for Vehicular Homicide

A woman is now in custody to face vehicular homicide charges in the 2010 death of her husband.  The woman fled when the grand jury indicted her in November 2010.  She was allegedly drunk the night of the accident that killed her husband.  He was not wearing a seatbelt when the car hit a tree.  Here is more from a knoxnews affiliate:

A woman who was behind the wheel during a Sevier County crash that killed her husband is now behind bars on charges including vehicular homicide after authorities determined she was allegedly drunk at the time of the crash.

Jessica Leigh Root, 35, was arrested by authorities this week and booked into the Sevier County Jail after being on the run since Nov. 11, 2010 — the day she was indicted by a Sevier County grand jury on charges of vehicular homicide by intoxication, vehicular homicide and DUI, according to authorities.

Court papers allege she is responsible for the May 16, 2010, death of her husband, John R. Whitt II.

Whitt, 39, was killed in a single-vehicle wreck on Asheville Highway, according to a Tennessee Highway Patrol report. Continue reading…

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Iowa diocese leaves bankruptcy after abuse scandal

A diocese thrown into bankruptcy after the sexual abuse scandal broke in the Catholic Church has met the terms of its reorganization plan, but the bishop knows that accomplishment won’t ease the pain of its victims.  While the diocese claims to have taken every step possible to prevent a travesty again in the future, a local attorney believes they have not fully disclosed the names of all the perpetrators.

Bishop Martin Amos said in a statement Thursday the bankruptcy process allowed victims to receive “just and fair compensation” and the church to continue its mission throughout the diocese, which covers southeastern Iowa.

“While the bankruptcy process has closed, it will not end the suffering by some survivors of abuse. I pray that the healing process for the survivors of abuse will continue,” he said.

The diocese said it would continue to mandate training for employees to prevent abuse, conduct background checks on employees and volunteers who work with children, and employ a victim assistance coordinator to help survivors of abuse.

Craig Levien, a Davenport attorney who has represented dozens of the victims, said he believed the diocese had yet to fully list all of its past perpetrators online and only reluctantly made other reforms. He said he expected to file motions in the case in the future asking a judge to review the diocese’s compliance with the reorganization plan.

“The bankruptcy was a legal maneuver by the diocese to end their financial responsibility for past abuse,” he said. “It’s a sad chapter but it’s also an unfinished chapter.”  Continue Reading

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Joy, criticism greet immigration policy move

The American Dream now seems possible for many illegal immigrants after President Obama called for a halt to deportations of young undocumented residents of the U.S.  Jose Luis Zelaya, for instance, moved to the U.S. from Honduras at 14 and has beaten the odds to get into graduate school at Texas A&M.  He is, needless to say, very happy about this news.

Jose Luis Zelaya shed tears of joy Friday morning.

“It’s just insane,” the graduate student at Texas A&M University said. “I’ve been working on this for six years. It is just overwhelming.”

Zelaya was electrified by news that the Obama administration will stop deporting illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements.

Zelaya came to the United States illegally from Honduras at age 14 to find his mother, who was already in the country, he said.

Without the change announced Friday, he couldn’t get a job to help pay for school; Zelaya, 25, is pursuing a master’s degree in education with hopes of earning a doctorate and teaching middle school. He also wouldn’t be able to consider job offers that presented themselves afterward. The uncertainty over what loomed after graduation spooked him.  Continue Reading

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PBG, Builder Of Polish Soccer Arenas, Seeks Bankruptcy

One of Poland’s biggest building companies is strategically filing for bankruptcy in order to cut their debts by up to 31 percent.  The company originally specialized in oil and gas, but branched out to building.  Apparently the branching out spread them too thin.

PBG SA (PBG), Poland’s third-largest builder, decided to file for bankruptcy to help reach an agreement with creditors to cut debt by as much as 31 percent.

PBG, which helped build three out of four stadiums for European soccer championship that kick off in Poland and Ukraine this week, is proposing to honor 69 percent of its debt to creditors owed more than 1 million zloty ($282,700), 80 percent to those owned from 100,000 zloty to 1 million zloty and 100 percent for those owned lesser sums, the company said in a regulatory filing today.

The company, which specialized in oil and gas engineering, ventured out of its core business to bid on arena and motorway deals after Poland was selected to co-host the Euro 2012 soccer championship, only to see its debt swell on falling margins. PBG said negotiations with banks remain at an “impasse” that prevent the company from fulfilling its contracts.

“This bankruptcy is going to have a big negative impact, not just on banks that are financing PBG and on its subcontractors, but on the whole economy,” Robert Maj, an analyst at KBC Securities in Warsaw, said today by phone.

PBG’s unconsolidated debt, which doesn’t include the borrowings of its unit, amounts to 1.5 billion zloty, Chief Financial Officer Przemyslaw Szkudlarczyk said via a video conference today. The entire group’s debt at its 12 crediting banks is at 1.7 billion zloty, Kinga Banaszak-Filipiak, a spokeswoman, said at the conference.  Continue reading

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Rodents on the run at Surrey elementary school

The mice infestation in an elementary school has gotten entirely out of hand.  Obviously the mice have claimed the school as home if they are willing to run around in classrooms while class is in session.  Parents are now petitioning the district to work faster and more efficiently to rid the school of the rodents.

Recently the mice have become more brazen and have been seen in classrooms while students are in attendance.

“I’ve discussed it with the principal; however, she seems to think the issue is getting better but we don’t think it is, because now there are mice actually running in the classrooms while kids are there,” Calandra said.

On Feb. 28 members of the PAC sent a letter to the school district’s facilities centre asking for more to be done about the problem and requesting the implementation of an emergency sanitation protocol, improved janitorial services and a detailed report about what is being done.

Calandra said they have yet to receive any response or advisories from the district but says she has seen increased efforts to control the infestation.

Doug Strachan, communications manager for the district, says the district is aware of the problem and has hired a pest control company to deal with the issue.  Continue Reading

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Discretion program a mixed bag for immigrants

When Mexican-born Miguel Rojano, who has lived in Chicago for over twenty years and has five American-born sons, was threatened with deportation, he chose to fight back in court.  Instead of taking a deal that would give him his green card, Rojano went to immigration court and won his residency status.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Miguel Rojano might have been elated when the U.S. government offered to put his deportation case on hold under a new initiative to focus resources on ridding the country of hardened criminals.

But the Mexican newspaper delivery supervisor — who was raising his five American-born sons in Chicago after living in the country for more than two decades — actually turned down the government’s offer to try his chances at getting a green card granting permanent residency status in immigration court instead.

“Seeing how sure my lawyer was about my case, I said, let’s fight it,” said Rojano, who won his case earlier this year. “I’m glad, because if they had closed my case, they wouldn’t have given me my residency.”

While the U.S. government is offering to shelve some deportation cases, some immigrants are rejecting the deal, preferring to take a shot at winning asylum or a green card in immigration court. That’s because the government’s offer wouldn’t end the specter of deportation and doesn’t promise a work permit or green card.

Immigrant advocates say another problem is the government is only offering the deal — likened by some to a plea bargain — to immigrants with the most compelling cases, who tend to be long-time residents and well-known community members with a decent shot at winning their cases in court.  Continue Reading

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Summer Construction Work Focused on Central Grounds

Now that classes are out for the traditional academic year, the University of Virginia is beginning a vigorous remodeling project.  The Rotunda’s roof is set to be replaced, along with many other projects and improvements around campus. The summer is the best time to do this work because the town and college are much less busy.

May 22, 2012 — Less than two days after Final Exercises at the University of Virginia, the much-anticipated work on the iconic Rotunda will get under way this week.

But that’s not the only construction in the works. It looks to be an especially busy summer, with a good bit of the construction focused on the University’s Academical Village and adjacent areas.

At Tuesday’s Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting, Colette Sheehy, vice president for management and budget, outlined a robust work schedule.

“As you can imagine, this is the best time for us to undertake critical repair work, routine maintenance projects and renovations,” Sheehy said, “and this summer will be no exception.”

She said summer is the time when buildings are used less frequently, streets are less congested and, most important, most faculty and students have departed. “We try to schedule projects around the academic calendar in order to inconvenience as few people as possible.”

Sheehy said she regrets that the work will sometimes be disruptive to the University families living in Pavilions on the Lawn and is appreciative of their patience. At the same time, she had some good news for students who will move into Lawn rooms in the fall.

“We have managed to pool some funds in order to fix the chimneys and to install fire suppression systems in all of the student residences on the Lawn this summer,” she said. Work will also begin on the Range rooms, and completion is expected by the time cold weather arrives.

Despite this work going forward, fundraising efforts must continue. Thus far, $780,000 – including matching funds from the Alumni Association – has been raised toward the $3.7 million goal to cover the cost of the Lawn room project. Continue Reading

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2012 AT&T Cordless Phone Line Delivers Feature-Rich, High-Value Phone Systems for the Best in Home Communication

Each year AT&T tries to make their home phone systems more functional. This year is no exception. This year there is a function that will help enhance sound and increase reception during a conversation. Customers will continue to get updated feature options at a very affordable price.

Advanced American Telephones (AAT), which manufactures AT&T-branded telephones under a license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property, today announced availability of its new AT&T-branded DECT 6.0 cordless phones. The new AT&T line features popular Connect to Cell(TM) systems, multi-handset bundles and usability models, offering the best feature sets at competitive price points to deliver the robust functionality and high value consumers expect from the AT&T line.

To ensure consumers never miss a word of the conversation, the 2012 AT&T phone line provides advanced features that help enhance sound and ensure clear reception, such as HD Audio with equalizer to match hearing preferences, and the TL and CL product lines have a range of up to 1,800 feet*, allowing users to have clear conversations over a greater distance.

“Each year, we strive to deliver more functionality, which is what consumers depend on in AT&T home phone products,” said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, Advanced American Telephones. “Our 2012 line is attractively priced, while offering more features to provide great value to consumers.”

The Best of Both Worlds – Answer Cellphone and Landline Calls on one Home Phone System…Continue Reading

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Top rated plumbing services

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, on the sound of a leaking pipe, or waking up each day to find your kitchen basin clogged and overflowing? Still worse, if you find your toilet below an emergency sewage break down!Nicely, we have all undergone these debilitating situations more than once in our lives,(if you haven’t you can probably assure that you will) rendering us weak in the face of this sudden chaos.

Though there are a number of emergency plumbing services, at times, you are at a loss to decide on whom to choose and the way to decide. I have myself, been under such dilemma, therefore i decided to do a bit of research about the matter.

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Rootx, on the other hand,forms foams with water, to clear away any grime and kills tube line roots, thus ensuring normal water flow. Rootx also stops any form of pipe line origins re – growth, for up to 3 years.

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CoQ10 Helps Fight Disease

CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10, Ubiquinone and Vitamin Q is a natural compound found in our body. It is a powerful antioxidant that is found in almost every cell in the body and also helps turn food into energy. There are many diseases CoQ10 can help fight.

Heart Failure or After a Heart Attack

CoQ10 can help prevent more heart attacks and prevent heart disease. Those who have had a heart attack, taking CoQ10 can prevent more heart attacks within three days of taking the supplement. It is also good for those who suffer from congestive heart failure. Those suffering from congestive heart failure have lower levels of CoQ10 in their body. Make sure if you decide to use this supplement to talk with your doctor first to make sure it is safe. Especially if you are on other medications. Those people that are taking this supplement for heart disease recovery will take a higher CoQ10 dosage than someone just taking it for general health purposes.

High Cholesterol

Those who suffer from high cholesterol usually have lower levels of CoQ10 in their body. CoQ10 can be used as a treatment for high cholesterol. It can also reduce side effects from the high cholesterol medications on the market today.

High Blood Pressure

People who have high blood pressure can take CoQ10 to help reduce high blood pressure. However, it can take between 4 and 12 weeks to see any results. CoQ10 is a great supplement to use for high blood pressure if your doctor says it is alright because it has little to no side effects.

After speaking to your doctor and making sure it is alright to take CoQ10 either with your medications or alone, you can use it to help fight off diseases, reduce the symptoms of certain diseases or prevent them altogether. The recommended dosage for this supplement is between 30 and 90 mg per day and can even go as high as 200 mg per day. It is also recommended to be taken with a meal which has oil or fat in it.

CoQ10 has many health benefits that have been helping people for years. You don’t need a specific reason to take it. It has also been known to help fight signs of aging and increase energy levels. You can learn more about it here http://www.coq10revive.com/ .

Alternatives to High Calorie Foods

The main reason why most people gain weight is as a result of taking diets that are too high in fats and calories. These diets also increase the dangers of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol. In order to avoid this, one must find suitable alternatives to high calorie foods.

Making a switch from high calorie foods to healthier foods can sometimes be a hard choice to make. After all most high calorie foods like ice-creams, fast-foods cakes and sodas are so delicious and make us feel good whenever we eat them, but it is a choice we have to make if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many alternatives to high calorie foods available to people who want to shed a few extra pound or maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Instead of eating ground beef, you can opt for beans which have low calorie levels and are rich in fiber and protein. Beans are an excellent alternative source of protein and have similar health benefits and don’t contain saturated fats like ground beef.

When baking, you can opt to use applesauce as an alternative to high calorie oils that are normally used. This way your baked goods are keep moist while at the same time cutting on calorie and fat. Applesauce is also a good substitute for butter, vegetable oils and shortening in you cooking.

When you crave for a big bowl of ice-cream for dessert, think of all the calories it contain and opt for a fruit sorbet instead. A sorbet that comes in many fruit flavor’s is equally creamy and has much lower calories compared to ice-cream. Another substitute for ice-cream is low fat yogurt. You can also opt for a homemade fruit salad which allows you to monitor the ingredients included.

You can also find alternative to replace your favorite snacks. For example rather than munch on a bag of potato chips that has zero nutritional value, opt for popcorn instead, especially those that are lightly seasoned. Another option is whole grain snacks that contain added fiber. Whenever you need to quench your thirst, choose water instead of soft drinks which contain empty calories and sugar.

Cutting calories is one way to help loose weight and work towards your goal of looking great. Additionally, in some situations you may need to take more extreme measures like considering dieting. If this is you, try hcg reviews today.


Troy University steps up security on and off campus after crimes

Additional lights, shuttles, and police patrols are some simple solutions to help fight off crime. After Troy University experience an armed robbery and 2 sexual assaults, Dean Reeves is stepping up security. More than 400 students met with university officials to discuss ways to increase security on and off campus.

Troy University is stepping up security on and off campus after an armed robbery on campus and two sexual assaults off campus in a housing area used by students.

Reeves said some of the safety measures were suggested by more than 400 students who met with university officials on Monday to discuss the recent crimes.

Dean Herbert Reeves said Tuesday additional lighting has been installed in some areas on campus and the campus shuttle service has been extended to weekends from 7 p.m. to midnight. It had previously been available only on weekdays. The shuttle service runs regular routes and is available to students on request.

Also, university police have added additional officers and patrols on campus and in areas where students live off campus. Reeves said some of the safety measures were suggested by more than 400 students who met with university officials on Monday to discuss the recent crimes…Continue Reading

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Arts lovers chose in ’96 to save Coronado over Midway Theatre

Rockford residents were forced to keep only one of the two old buildings. The towns artists went with the Coronado theatre. The Coronado was renovated and revamped after 1996. Now the town will have a keepsake that has a story and a history.

Rockford arts and downtown lovers were forced to choose in 1996 whether to save the Coronado Theatre or the Midway Theatre.

They chose the Coronado.

Now, after years of neglect, the Midway is crumbling.

Both were beautiful theaters in downtown Rockford, remnants of a long-gone era.

Backing a Coronado renovation campaign was a difficult decision made after a thorough architectural review and market analysis of both venues, said Mary Ann Smith, a leader of the effort.

“Both were considered by the architects,” Smith said. “They were both fine, very different buildings. Each had its strong points, but at the end of the day it was clear we could only do one and not both. Not only was it financially not feasible to do both, but the market study was that Rockford really could only support one performing arts venue.”…Continue Reading

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A ‘broke’ and ‘sick’ Dennis Rodman is way behind on his child support payments

It doesn’t take an accountant or a psychic to see the financial future for Dennis Rodman.  The Basketball Hall of Famer may soon be in need of a bankruptcy attorney.  Liabilities are far outweighing the assets and the future looks bleak.

It’s a story we’ve seen all too many times. A famous athlete divorces his wife either during his playing career, or just a few years removed from it while the endorsement opportunities are still rolling in. The athlete gets tagged for child support and/or alimony payments that are in line with a level of income that dwindles significantly within a few years. The famous athlete then gets way, way behind on those payments. Toss in a hard-partying lifestyle, way too many appearances at way too many pathetic public events, and you have the case of Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman.

Calling Rodman “broke” and “extremely sick,” Dennis’ attorneys (working pro bono) are arguing in court that he is unable to keep up with his own living expenses, much less those of his ex-wife.

Rodman’s attorney, Linnea Willis, did not specify in the documents what she meant by “sick.” It’s unclear if Dennis is suffering from some sort of malady, is broken up by the burden of his debts, or if she’s referring to the “well-documented drinking problem” his manager told ABC News about on Tuesday. What is clear is that this is just sad, sad, sad.

The former Defensive Player of the Year and seven-time rebounding champ really only had one highly salaried season as a player even by the relative salary definitions of his era. He was one of the lower-paid players on his team until 1996-97 before making just under $9 million (listed at $9 million, but he lost a chunk of that due to an 11-game suspension) during his second championship run with Chicago. The next season he made half of that in an incentive-laden contract, because the Bulls were wary of his behavior…Continue Reading

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The Am Law 100, the Early Numbers: Dewey & LeBoeuf Revenues, PPP Edge Higher

Business was steady at a large law firm in Los Angeles.  Corporate practice saw a downturn in cases. However, financials were offset by a remarkable number of new bankruptcy filings.  So many in fact, several new bankruptcy attorneys were laterally brought in to handle the excess.

Dewey & LeBoeuf announced that revenues and profits were both up slightly in 2011. Revenues grew by 2.8 percent, but expenses increased, the firm noted. Profits per equity partner posted a 1 percent overall increase. “It was an okay year,” chairman Steven Davis says. “We would have liked it to be a better year.”

The firm said it collected $935 million, up from $909.9 million in 2010; overall profits stood at $340.5 million, up from $328 million. Lawyer head count (1,040), including the equity partner tier (190), and the nonequity tier (115), also remained nearly unchanged.

Davis told The American Lawyer that the firm’s bankruptcy and litigation practices were booming last year, counterbalancing some declines in the corporate practice, which slowed noticeably in the second half of the year. “Our technology deals people were incredibly busy,” he notes, “but that is the exception to the rule.” In the restructuring practice, the firm had leading debtor-side roles in the bankruptcies of Ambac Financial Corp., NewPage Corporation, and the Dodgers; in November it was tapped as lead creditors’ counsel in MF Global Holdings.

Behind the relatively static numbers, however, was a lot of lateral movement and a partnership showing the strains of increasingly divergent rewards…Continue Reading

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Hunts Point Waterfront Homes: The Bellisima Sells For $11 Million, Top Seattle Real Estate Sale of 2012

It is fitting that the best Seattle has to offer in terms of lakefront property would bring the highest sale price.  Even though the listing was reduced from its original asking price, it should still hold the year record for some time.  Hopefully the luxury market will still have some stellar offerings for other prospective buyers this year.

Hunts Point has always been at the pinnacle of waterfront real estate in the greater Seattle area.  Hunts Point waterfront homes are commonly sold in the multi-million dollar range, with sales over $10 million not out of the ordinary.  The sale of 3645 Hunts Point Rd in January was the highest-priced sale of the year for the region thus far, and may hold that title for some time.

The Bellisima, as it has been dubbed, is a Mediterranean home built in 2005.  At close to 10,000 square feet, it’s a very large home on a one acre lot.  With 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, and a carriage house, the pure numbers aren’t gaudy, but the home is a picture of luxury perfection.

Originally listed in January of 2011 for $14,100,000, the price was reduced to $12,900,000 in June of last year.  The final selling price of $11,000,000 represented a 22% reduction from the original list price, or a 14% reduction from the final list price.  This is not a surprise, as the very top of the luxury market is seeing some significant discounts on properties that have been marketed for over a year.  While some sellers are content to sit out the market, those who are motivated to sell are making informed decisions on pricing based on current market conditions, and home buyers…Continue Reading

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Orthodontic treatment easier and more affordable

Orthodontic treatment: an affordable, five-stage treatment, each set is switched out approximately every two weeks, for straightening teeth using nearly invisible aligners; during this period of time, the patient’s teeth will gradually move toward the desired outcome.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Invisalign, the nearly-invisible orthodontic product that changed the way teeth are straightened, today announced consumer availability of an affordable, five-stage treatment for straightening teeth using nearly invisible aligners. This new five-stage Invisalign treatment option was developed for people with minor orthodontic issues such as very mild crowding or spacing, including early onset orthodontic relapse.

Many people have very minor crowding or spacing they would like to correct, but don’t follow through because of the perceived high cost and long length of treatment,” said Dr. Mladen Kralj, of Chicago-based ORA Dental Studio. “With Invisalign’s new five-stage treatment, there is now a great option for qualified patients who want an effective, affordable, fast and convenient way to straighten minor aesthetic concerns in three months or less.”

Patients who qualify for this new treatment option receive a series of five aligner sets – each set is switched out approximately every two weeks. During this period of time, the patient’s teeth will gradually move toward the desired outcome. Although price is determined by the doctor and will vary depending on the complexity of the patient’s condition and the area of the country, the average cost for… continue reading

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Rebecca Stark photographer donates time and talents

Rebecca Stark professional photographer snapping photos in exchange for her subjects helping out a local charity donates time and talents; said her goal Saturday was to raise $5,000 for Second Harvest Food Bankfor food bank.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Professional photographer Rebecca Stark clicked away on Saturday, taking a steady stream of family and individual portraits at her downtown Santa Cruz, Calif., studio.

Stark, who specializes in wedding photography, wouldn’t take any money for her shots, but she did ask people to instead make a donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County.

This year was the third for Stark’s Santa Cruz Love Project, where she spends the day snapping photos in exchange for her subjects helping out a local charity.

“Every year I pick a different nonprofit that’s contributing to making life in our community better,” Stark said. “This is really fun for me.”

Stark is giving her donations to the food bank through its Grind Out Hunger program, which calls on the county’s skateboarding community to helps kids overcome hunger.

The people who showed up at Stark’s studio at the Cruzio building on Cedar Street didn’t have to worry about their hair or makeup. All of that was taken care of by a couple of stylists from the… continue reading

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Rent is the new reality for former new household’s alike and home owners

The apartment sector saw its largest quarterly increase in the last quarter of 2011; everybody wants to be in D.C., higher quality properties in the most desirable locations

Despite record low mortgage rates and rising affordability in most U.S. housing markets, rent is the new reality for former home owners and new households alike.

For some it is post-traumatic stress from the housing crash, for others it is the inability to get financing to buy a home. Either way, the rental market continues on its tear.

In the last quarter of 2011, the apartment sector saw its largest quarterly increase in occupied stock of the year, according to Reis Inc.

The vacancy rate dropped to 5.2%, the lowest since 2001 and lower than the last cyclical drop in 2006.

This bucks the historical seasonal weakness typical of the colder months of the year. The fourth quarter also tends to be a weaker leasing period, according to Reis, given that most households make moving decisions in the second and third quarters.

STORY: Apartment rents heading higher for 3rd year in a row

This surge in occupancy pushed asking and effective rents up 0.4% and 0.5% respectively, which Reis calls the only disappointing figures for the sector, missing expectations. Reis blames that on slow economic… continue reading

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Very best exercise to reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol is the problem a lot of people around the globe suffering from. Now let’s observe some of the best methods to cholesterol supplementsthrough exercising. Once you perform the workout, you’ll produce your own movement to be able to entire body which means more powerful push to your heart. Thus, your own center is much more powerful together with physical exercise. You are able to protected your own center although you may possess high-cholesterol simply by perform exercise routine and regularly.

What’s greatest exercise to be able to high cholesterol

The very best workout to lower cholesterols simply find workouts that get your heart functioning better and carry out your workouts and consistently. In fact, you only need to raises your exercise phase to assist you reduce your Trans ldl cholesterol, no have to do the intense routines.

Think about actions such as sprinting, driving, marining, exercise using a movie report, palates, driving, jogging, cardiovascular motion or any other steps which are low-impact and heart-healthy.

Just how much exercise must you lower ldl cholesterol?

How much exercise should you reduced Tran’s ldl cholesterol? It is based on your position, present workout stage and your circumstance. Always speak about along with your physician in regards to the workout that you are likely to take action and make up a program and attempt to get it done regime and persistently to obtain effective final results.

Professionals declare that older need exercise obtain at least 30 minutes per day. It can be done the actual workout by a number of decreased occasions each day, if you cannot do the physical exercise simply by total Thirty small simultaneously.

How physical exercise effect on Cholestrerol levels examination?

Workout effect on ldl cholesterol analyze simply because getting regular exercise and routine will certainly lessen the quantity of Low density lipids ‘bad’ trans ldl cholesterol, increase the amount of HDL ‘fantastic’ ldl cholesterol period in your metabolism and help to create your heart more powerful through produce motion, and also losing the cholestrerol levels.

Unfortunately, ingesting and also alcohol consumption which is packed with sugars, cholestrerol levels and essential oil may possibly do much more harm as compared to outstanding to some personal. The individual has decided to get high blood pressure, diabetic issues, major heart condition or even a cerebrovascular accident.

Fortunately there exists a way to avoid this kind of just before it occurs. It may need give up and by the private since your physique will probably be struggling to maintain the repercussions as a result of getting older.

Apart from consuming less and also making modifications in this diet, the actual advisable way to reduce cholesterol levels is by physical exercise. This can increase the middle defeating sum as well as metabolic rate in your body letting it to get rid of the harmful skin oils harmful to a person’s wellness.

Individuals who have not necessarily utilized prior to need to initial talk to using a medical doctor to find out what is protected. Those who have heart illness may not be capable of taking considerable action and may depend on something which will be reduced influence such as running, weight physical exercise or perhaps extending.

If your doctor accept that the individual could possibly get involved in higher work exercises, there is certainly operating, floating around, workouts as well as driving. The type of physical exercise is determined by a number of factors and not simply just background. This may also connect to woman or child, grow older and body weight.

The doctor can produce a system the personal can easily talk to the physical fitness specialist to know what kind is secured or otherwise. Following that, a course might possibly be created and all the person must perform is actually stick to it.

After a couple of weeks, there will be alterations in the amount of proper as well as poor Cholesterol within your body in addition cut in the present bodyweight of the people.

Getting some exercise is additionally regarded as being a technique as an replacement for the using of medication that has been known to cause side effects when the average person requires this kind of.

Should the individual don’t have any a chance to join a fitness center, there are other methods to pump motor these muscle tissues and enhance the center muscle mass quantity. Major, ladies and men should go fast jogging early in the particular morning or before going to function.

A few places of work and nursing homes influence individuals simply to progress up a couple of paths associated with steps as an alternative to using the particular raise to move up or even lower numerous flooring. If your organization where 1 operates within requires a big car park, the personal can easily try out running with some backyards more when compared with obtaining the vehicle area near to the door.

During any kind of physical exercise, it’s advocated you stay hydrated. This can prevent the body coming from contamination that a lot of of your time results in bodily weak point.

This may save time for you to also maintain the personal at speed with all the party action or perhaps the function being carried out about the device.

Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

Saline, the Kenyan little girl underwent her first surgery to correct cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate.

Saline, the Kenyan girl for whom Dr. Leon Klempner and his Smile Rescue Fund for Kids have been fundraising, underwent her first surgery last week to correct her bilateral cleft lip and palate.

According to Klempner, a Setauket resident and orthodontist who practices in Port Jefferson, he received an email on Dec. 16 that told him that Saline’s “extensive facial surgery” took more than eight hours. He said in an email Monday, “Apparently there was major tissue damage due to her previous history of [noma] disease,” referring to Saline’s additional diagnosis of a bacteria that destroys facial tissue.

While the Kenyan surgeons used the tissue in her neck to reconstruct her face, “the issue is whether there is enough healthy blood supply to maintain the graft,” Klempner said, and the surgeons are concerned that “the graft may not be sustainable” because of the impact of the noma.

When the Smile Rescue Fund first began raising money to help Saline, who lives in Kenya’s Nyanza Province, it was expected that she would need three surgeries, totalling roughly $15,000. At the time… continue reading

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